• The issue

    There are two lines of reasoning: the executive wants a career change that will benefit him and the human resource department will want to know how a career change will benefit the company.

    It all comes down to «the motivation and willingness of the employee and the effectiveness of the training,» says Francois Rebeix, Training Director at Sodexho, France.

    If the employee wants a change in his career, it is in the interest of the company to offer him a post that corresponds to his aspirations or run the risk of having him leave the company. The latter is costly to the company, particularly when it happens unexpectedly.

    Whatever the career change involves, the company would like to get something out of it as well.

    For it to be successful, it is best to make sure that:

    • the executive possesses the right current and potential skills for the job;
    • he can be replaced and the division organized more efficiently.



    MPF Solution

    With the MPF Talent Performance Indicators it possible to:

    • verify that the employee has the potential for the career path he chooses;
    • verify that the new missions correspond to the employee’s potential and his ability to progress;
    • identify internal and external candidates best suited to the vacant post.

    By measuring human behavioral traits, the MPF tool helps company executives help collaborators make the right career decisions, improve their performance and job satisfaction while reducing the stress associated with staff turnover.

    Contact us to discover how we can help you choosing appropriate career orientation.





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