• The issue

    Diplomas validate technical know-how, but do not say much about behavior qualities. To better a better overall understand of a high-potential employee’s skills, companies are looking more closely at things like their ability to analyze, or the relevance of their suggestions made during interviews at different levels.

    Knowing how to recruit high-potential employees is crucial to any corporate strategy. Each decision regarding hiring or mobility will affect the mapping of high-potential workers throughout the company.

    It is not enough anymore just to adhere to the recruiting criteria in hiring high-potential people; each recruit must be able to contribute all the time to the value added of the company in the areas for which he was recruited.





    MPF Solution

    The MPF Talent Performance Indicators make it possible:

    • to measure value added in terms of behavior for each high-potential staff member;
    • to identify value-added in terms of behavior that is most lacking in the company;
    • to search for correlations between the behavior characteristics of candidates and the corporate strategy.

    In evaluating human behavioral traits, the MPF tool enables corporate executives to map out high potential staff and be prepared to react to changing needs without diminishing competitiveness.

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