• The issue

    We know from the example of world leaders like General Motors and IBM that a company is a colossus with clay feet; economic models need to be constantly reinvented. Hasty turnabouts and changes of strategies have heavy consequences for the company’s functioning unless a procedure is in place for implementing change.

    When a type of organization has reached its limit, executives are forced to make structural changes. There is no such thing as an ideal permanent system of organization since it necessarily reflects the current economic and geographic context. Experience shows that the life cycle of an organization model rarely exceeds 4 to 5 years. Some groups, like Dassault System, have made a point of changing every 12 to 18 months.

    All companies have their own organizational model : international or national, hierarchical or matrix. Managing change must be an integral part of corporate culture if companies don’t want to be caught unawares or withdrawn from challenges presented by a changing world economy.



    MPF Solution

    The MPF Talent Performance Indicators make it possible to:

    • evaluate how open employees are to the present organization of the company and to potential changes;
    • identify people within the company who through knowledge of their behavior potential, the would be good vehicles for promoting a policy for change;
    • estimate the time it will take for each person and each division to integrate the changes.

    The MPF tool accompanies the executives of companies in bringing about fundamental changes in their company’s organization. By measuring human behavioral traits, the MPF tool accurately charts populations that are motors of change and those adverse to change; The MPF tool facilitates the entire process, regularly integrating the changes within working groups.

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