• The issue

    Enterprises can ask their employees for an appraisal in the second half of their careers, around the age of 45, to take stock of their ambitions and competences while there is still time to make changes.

    Some government highlight the important role seniors can play in passing their know-how on to the younger generation entering the job market. This helps older people remain in employment and young people enter professional life.







    MPF Solution

    In addition to the skills they have already acquired over the course of their professional career, seniors will find a trove of information regarding their behavior using the MPF Talent Performance Indicators to measure:

    • their potential so they have the possibility of finding employment in areas where they have never worked before;
    • their ability to adapt to a new environment;
    • their aptitude to transmit know-how making use of their interpersonal, pedagogic and humane skills.

    The MPF tool allows company executives to gauge companies’ potential to transmit its know-how through seniors by measuring their behavioral traits.

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