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    The employee expects fair remuneration for his work, essential to his motivation. Nevertheless, in addition of a good remuneration policy, companies must know what is important for their employees in order to make the most of its human capital.

    Deloitte Consultancy 2011: «The impact of different elements of a global remuneration package for employees will differ depending only whether the company wants to increase turnover, raise profit margins, build confidence or increase the value of company assets.»











    MPF Solution

    When the goal is to implicate the employee in attaining individual objectives, which is an important element in his motivation, the MPF Talent Performance Indicators can measure the adequacy of these individual behaviors with respect to:

    • the stated policy criteria of the company: ethics, level of service quality, technical level and innovation;
    • strategic criteria as defined by the heads of department or division, such as implementing certain measures, creating task forces, leading change;
    • operational criteria defined for each person with respect to the assignment such as: turnover, margins, customer relations, quality improvement, cost reduction.

    MPF indicators identify areas where the potential behavior of each employee is appropriate in terms of the policies and strategic and operational objectives of the company and the areas where there is a risk of mismatch.

    Thus, MPF helps companies choose the objectives that best match each employee based on relevant criteria, in order to further motivate him or her further to attain personal objectives.

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