• The issue

    How to attract new talent in an ever-changing economic environment?

    More than 500 CEOs and directors responded to this question in a survey organized by MERCER and the Economist Intelligent Unit in 44 countries where there was awareness of the need to attract new talent at every level of companies. The results were presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos. For 67% of the respondents, the selection criteria for future talent must include the ability to react quickly in response to changing market conditions; for 60% innovation was key; and for 45%, the priority lies in the candidate’s ability to train managers at every level so that they can deal with these upheavals.

    MPF Solution

    The MPF Talent Performance Indicators make identifying new talent possible by measuring:

    • capacity to manage the unpredictable;
    • ability to make quick decisions relevant to the demands of the assignment, in different areas that can present themselves almost simultaneously;
    • ability to manage stress and thus reduce the stress levels of collaborators;
    • capacity to identify resources within the company and lead them in confronting changes.

    The MPF tool reveals different aspects of human behavior, allowing companies to identify future talent, above and beyond the necessary technical skills, with greater accuracy.

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