• The issue

    This generation is demanding, non-conformist; it has no illusions about companies being altruistic. Executives of this generation are prepared to attempt a success out if they are not progressing fast enough in their careers or if their companies are not giving them real responsibility. Generation Y respects competence more than hierarchy.

    When members of this generation know what they want and are aware of their own value, they will go after the tools that will help them to improve their potential for progress, based on the most innovative methods and technologies available.






    MPF Solution

    MPF Talent Performance Indicators improve individual performances:

    • by revealing unexploited individual talents;
    • by showing the extent to which an individual is fulfilling potential;
    • by proposing concrete ways to improve performances in the desired areas.

    The MPF tool pinpoints the different aspects of human behavior. With this information, corporate executives can reward employees with a reliable and innovative way to improve their individual and collective performance.

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