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  • MPF has more than 300 talent performance indicators® to help enterprises manage their talent pool in an appropriate, personalized and effective way.

    Understanding their relevance, how to combine them and get the most value added from them requires some expertise that MPF alone can transmit.

    It is necessary to receive training before using the MPF tool considering what is at stake both for colleagues and for the company.


    For deontological reasons, MPF has designed a certification program for candidates who wish to become authorized experts of the MPF tool. This addresses the needs of large companies when they call for bids and the legitimate demands of trade unions that the tool used by consultants who are certified MPF experts is ethical, professional and objective.

    Who qualifies for the certification?

    Certification is valid for one year and can be renewed. It is reserved internally for company managers (human resources, heads of division or department) or externally (consultants, recruiters, coaches, trainers).

    Certification requirements

    Certification as MPF expert is obtained after following training sessions explaining the different aspects of behavioral biology as applied to the MPF tools.

    Access to resources

    We make a number of resources available to candidates (documents, training modules, studies, summaries of evaluation results) to help them prepare for the certification, but they are the ones who decide if and how to use these resources.

    Cost of certification

    The fee for certification, which we consider to be a starting point in a future partnership, is equivalent to the cost of MPF training.


    The prerequisites for exercising this profession are:

    • experience, training, having held positions of real responsibility;
    • a professional level or level of responsibility that justifies using the MPF tool on a specified population: depending on competences, senior executives, executives, or employees;
    • consulting or coaching experience with individuals or groups that addresses a specific area of concern to corporations.

    Admission to training 

    The decision to admit a candidate to training in MPF expertise is made by the authors of the MPF know-how.

    Admission is not a guarantee of certification, particularly if the candidate does not follow the training modules rigorously.

    Levels of expertise

    Certification is temporary, valid for a specified period of time at a specified level.

    The expertise only applies to the products and services for which the candidate has certification.

    The levels are:

    • 1st level : TPIs for employees;
    • 2nd level: TPIs for employees synergies with team members;
    • 3rd level: TPIs for employees synergies with assignments;
    • 4th level: TPIs for employees synergies with assignments and the company;
    • 5th level: trainer.

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